How To Start A Window
Washing Business

how to start a window washing business

Learning how to start a window washing business of your own and earning $300 - $500 a day is easier than you might think.

Hi, my name is Ray Croskrey and I would like to first congratulate you on considering a window washing business of your own. Just in case you aren't familiar with me; I'm the author of this site plus I own and operate my own successful window washing business full time.  

So the big question - Is it really possible to earn $300 - $500 a day or more cleaning windows? The answer is absolutely yes!

Qualifying Questions

When it comes to learning how to start a window washing business the first thing you need to find out is if a window cleaning business is the right fit for you. I have put together some qualifying questions that will help you decide if cleaning windows is what you really want to do. 

1- Do you want to be your own boss?

2- Do you want to work your own hours?

3- Do you like to work both indoors and outdoors?

4- Do you like providing excellent customer service?

5- Do you like physical work that will keep you in shape?

6- Do you want to get paid what your time is really worth?

Did you answer yes to the above questions? If so, then keep reading.

Why A Window Washing Business?

Beside learning how to start a window washing business you should know why you should start one of your own.

Money – You can start a window washing business on just a couple hundred dollars which you can easily make back in about a full days work. This means that after the first day you will most likely be making a profit. There aren’t many businesses that you can do this with.

Work Schedule – Because you are your own boss you get to decide how much you want to work. Work year round or just full time through the summer and save money so that you can take the entire winter off. Or work your current job and clean windows in the evenings or weekends to earn extra spending cash. It’s all up to you.

Job Security – The window washing industry does seem to be recession resistant. My business just kept on going as usual during this last recession with the exception of a few of my commercial accounts. Other than that the residential side was as busy as normal.

You will never run out of windows to clean. There are dirty windows everywhere and most people with dirty windows would rather pay you good money to clean them right in a couple of hours then to spend all day trying to clean them themselves with poor results. It’s kind of funny because it seems like once someone gets their windows professionally cleaned it becomes an addiction for them. If you treat them right as a customer they will just keep having you back time and time again to keep their windows looking great.

Other Opportunities – Most people that hire service professionals would rather hire one person that they already know and trust to do multiple jobs for them. So if you clean windows for someone, more than likely they will hire you to do other jobs for them such as gutter cleaning, pressure washing, snow removal, absentee home watching and general maintenance just to name a few.

So as you can see, there are many advantages to having your own window washing business.

So the main question remains. Where to start?

Where To Start

running window cleaner

Before you just run out and buy your tools and start knocking on doors I would like to recommend getting a plan before you do anything.

You want to avoiding costly mistakes and setbacks. The best way to do this is by learning from seasoned professionals that are willing to teach you all the secrets of building a successful window washing business.

Here is how you do it:

#1 - The very first thing you need to do is get yourself a proven laid out road map.

I cannot stress this one enough especially if this is your first time starting a business. You would never take an unfamiliar road trip without a plan and a good map or GPS would you? Having a window cleaning business road map will put you on the fast track to success and keep you from making those costly mistakes.

You want a plan designed by a professional window cleaner that knows the ropes. I highly recommend John Baxter's Book The Window Cleaning Business The reason I recommend John's book is because he is a seasoned professional who has taken the time to carefully lay out a proven success route that anyone can easily follow.

With this book you will literally be saving yourself months if not years of time and money wasted trying to figure things out on your own.

Another great window cleaning resource website that is loaded with FREE information is Dave the author is also a seasoned pro and gets into all the details such as the pro's and con's of owning your window cleaning business, pricing window cleaning jobs, working on sloped rooftops and ladders, record keeping, and lots more so I highly recommend checking it out.

#2 - Along with your window washing books and website resources I will be happy to give you advice as well. Just contact me using the contact tab on the left nav bar.

#3 - Lastly you should join a networking site so that you can correspond with other window cleaners. This way you can see what everyone else is doing. I would recommend joining the "Window Cleaning Resource" window cleaning form. It is full of valuable posts from other professional window cleaners that you can learn from.

Window Cleaning Forum link:

Quick Summery on How To Start A
Window Washing Business

- Get your Book: The Window Cleaning Business

- Study this site and contact me if you need any help: Contact Me Page

- Join a window cleaning forum:

I would also like to suggest The UK's "Window Cleaning Magazine" it's loaded with great stuff.

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