Shallow Scratches on Glass

by Beth

We used a scraper on our tempered glass grid window and now we have some shallow scratches on some of the panes. Is there any way to repair the scratches without replacing the glass? The scratches are not that bad and we will probably just live with them. Live and learn... Thank you for your excellent website.

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Glass Scratch Removal

Unfortunately scratching tempered glass in this manor is very common. As you might have already seen on this web site, it is recommend that the use of window scrapers should not be used on any tempered glass. The following link talks about cleaning tempered glass.

Sometimes it makes sense to have the scratches removed if you are dealing with a larger main viewing window. In most cases glass scratch removal is less expensive than replacing the entire pane of glass. It is a process that should be left to a trained professional. Removing any type of scratches found on glass is a very delicate and time consuming process that requires special buffing compounds and glass buffing pads. These buffing pads are attached to a buffer and with the right techniques the scratches can be removed. If this is done incorrectly the optics in the glass can become distorted making your problem worse than before. Some glass scratches that are too deep cannot be removed. If you do decide to have the glass scratches removed, perform an internet search or look in your local phone book for glass scratch removal professionals. Always get at least three estimates and make sure they offer a 100 percent guarantee on the job.

Below are two videos. The first one demonstrates the proper way to scrape a window and the second shows the glass scratch removal process.

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