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We had our back porch closed in with windows. The contractor said they are spring loaded, so we don't have to completely remove them to clean the outside of the window. How do we do that?

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spring loaded windows
by: Ray Croskrey

I’m guessing that these are double hung windows that you are talking about. It is true, the spring loaded windows are designed to allow the windows to be folded inward and down so that the outside portion can be cleaned from the inside. The most popular design that I usually run into will have releasing levers that will allow it to come out.

If it’s the top side lever design, there should be two located on each side of the top of both the bottom half and top half of the window. If this is the case, then you will want to start out by unlocking the window as normal. Raise the window about and inch or so, then, locate the top two tabs. Push both tabs inward while pulling the window towards you at the same time. This will allow the whole window to swing in and down. Don’t worry it will not fall out. Now pull the top window down as far as you can and locate the tabs on the top and do the same. You should now have both the bottom and top window folded inward and hanging down. You can now clean them. When closing them back follow the same procedures in reverse.

Some designs you have to use the actual lock mechanism to release the bottom window. To do this just unlock as usual except keep pulling the lock lever further out. This will release the window so that you can pull it and out towards you. Then again, slide the top half down and you should see some tabs on both sides of the top just like the first example.

If your design is different or you cannot figure it out, find out what brand of windows you have and locate a dealer near you or look them up on the internet and call them. They will be able to instruct you on how to do it.

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