Using A Window Squeegee

by Gina
(New Mexico)

I seem to be having a little trouble using a window squeegee and have a couple of questions. How hard should I be pressing the squeegee and how fast should I go when pulling it across the glass?

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using a window squeegee
by: Ray Croskrey

Squeegee Pressure

When using a window squeegee a huge amount of pressure applied to the glass is not all that necessary. If you have a new sharp rubber blade on the squeegee you should have no problems. In fact with most cases I find that applying the least amount of pressure possible works the best. It will also cause less strain on your wrist and forearms. Also pay attention to how hard you are gripping the squeegee handle. Most beginners tend to squeeze the handle too tight. Just relax and loosen up a little.

Squeegee Speed

Unless you are working in a strong wind or direct sunlight (in which case you will want to move fast) the rate of speed for the window squeegee is not really all that important. The main key is to run the squeegee across the glass at a smooth and steady pace. You want to start at one edge of the glass traveling to other side without stopping or lifting the squeegee. The more you practice using a window squeegee the more you will get the hang of it and you will naturally get faster anyway.

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