Wash window outside 20 degrees how you do it?

by Rebecca
(Anchorage, ak)

Cold outside, how to clean the window. It froze. What do we use???

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cleaning windows 20 degrees f
by: Ray Croskrey

Cleaning windows in the cold can be accomplished by using the same blue window cleaning solution that you use in your car. Just add a small amount of liquid dish washing soap directly to the blue windshield washing fluid. The dish washing soap will give the fluid more of a smooth glide across the glass. I find that this solution works relatively good down to around zero degrees F as long as the wind is not blowing. When using the blue window washing fluid try not to let it run down white vinyl siding. If it does wipe it up immediately as it may leave stains.

Cold Weather Window Washing
by: Walt

You can also add rubbing alcohol, which will let you wash in even colder weather. I use dawn dish soap so that squeegee glides nice, and it is streak free.
Don't forget a nice warm pair of gloves, with rubber gloves over them. Cold hands do not work well while washing windows.

doing a good job cleaning windows with gloves on
by: Alex

Its hard to clean windows and wipe with rubber gloves in the cold how can I do a good job?

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