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Cleaning Window Grids
& French Door Windows

Out of all the windows, cleaning window grids (sometimes called prairie grids) and cleaning French doors, are the most challenging and time consuming. There are two basic types - removable window grids, which are most commonly made of plastic or wood; and permanent window grids, which are usually made of wood or metal.

You can also purchase decorative looking grids where the grids are located between the glass panes. These are the easiest to deal with, as you can clean them the same way you would a regular window.

Tip: If you are planning on buying windows that have permanent or removable grids, you may want to consider the extra cost in cleaning and maintenance for this type of window. Due to the time consumption, professional window cleaners will charge extra for cleaning window grids.

Removing Window Grids

There are many different styles of removable grids. Each style will be held into place by a certain type of fastener. It could be push pins, metal clips, flat or ball snaps, or end tabs. Before attempting to remove grids, I suggest referring to the grid removal instructions that should have come with your windows. If you do not have instructions, find out what brand of windows you have and contact the service representative for proper removal instructions.

When you do decide to remove the grids, be very gentle. Older plastic grids that have had a lot of extended exposure to the sun will become brittle. Older wooden grids will often come apart at the joints due to glue break-down and separation from the wood.

Cleaning Removable Window Grid Frames

Cleaning removable window grids can be accomplished by dry dusting, followed by a wipe down with a damp rag. You can apply a new coat of wood finish to older wooden grids that have become dried and faded from the sun.

Cleaning French Doors

Caution: Most French door windows are made of tempered glass. Special care should be use when cleaning tempered glass of any kind.

A good foaming window cleaner in an aerosol can is usually the best for cleaning French doors that are located inside a house or an office. Simply follow the cleaning instructions on the can, and always use lint free window cleaning towels. (Remember, if you need to remove any foreign debris like paint or stain, never use a window scraper or scratchy pads). This will leave scratches on tempered glass. If good old elbow grease doesn’t do the trick, you may want to try using window cleaning chemicals.

Tip: A foaming window cleaner in an aerosol can, also works great on mirrors.

Cleaning Permanent Window Grids

You basically use the same window cleaning techniques as usual, except you are using a smaller squeegee channel to clean a ton of miniature window panes, along with wiping a lot of little edges. Before you start, Measure the size of grids you are about to clean. You may be able to purchase a squeegee channel that is the same size as the window panes. If not, use a hack saw to cut the channel to fit the pane. By taking this step, you will only have to use one single swipe for each square, minimizing the time it takes when cleaning window grids.

Cleaning Window Grids
How To Clean Windows

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