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Cleaning Tinted Windows

Extra care should be taken when cleaning tinted windows. Window tint can be a great addition to your windows for many reasons which will be discussed below. I will also discuss a few drawbacks with have tinted windows as well.

UV Protection

Having a tinted window film put on your windows will reduce the amount of UV rays that come into your house. This will help keep furniture and flooring from becoming faded.

Energy Saver

Tinted windows in your home or office will help regulate temperature and energy costs. The tinted window film actually blocks out the heat that is normally let in from the hot summer sun.


Tinted window film scratches very easily. You must be careful to use super soft window scrubbing tools that are free from any bristles and, a gentle homemeade window cleaner during the cleaning process.

Sometimes, tiny air bubbles are left behind during installation; they can break open and with time, will cause the film to peal away from the glass.

Even though the window film has the ability to reflect the sun’s UV rays, it can bring the window’s temperature above normal conditions. This can sometimes be the cause for damaged windows. Some window manufacture warrantees will not cover damaged caused by window film.

Cleaning Procedures

Cleaning tinted windows should be done at least 30 days after the new window film has been applied to the glass.

Never use cleaners that contain strong chemicals, especially ammonia. Harsh chemicals can react to the tinted window film, causing it to blotch, fade or even peal from the glass. Regular dishwashing soap mixed with soft water is the best window cleaning solution that you can use.

Only use soft window cleaning towels. Never use newspaper, white or brown paper towels, scrub pads, or a window scraper. These products will cause scratches and sometimes severe damage to the window film.

After you have selected the appropriate scrubbing and wiping tools that will be safe for cleaning tinted windows, you can grab your window cleaning squeegee. From here, use the standard window cleaning techniques (without the use of a window scraper) to finish the job.

Tinted Window Film Installation

Window film tinting is a specialized learned skill. I recommend hiring a professional to do the job. Make sure that the work and the window film comes with a good warranty. Some window film manufacturing companies will guarantee the product for life when installed by a licensed window tinting professional.

Tinted Window Film Removal

Again, on this one I would recommend hiring a window tinting professional to do the job. It might seem expensive at the time but, it may actually save you money in the end. Window film removal is not an easy job. Not to mention, if you don’t have a system down, it can get quite messy. Along with the mess and personal time consumption, you could end up causing damage to the window glass, window frames, nearby flooring and furniture.

Here is a proven homemade window cleaning solution that works!

Cleaning Tinted Windows

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