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How to Clean Windows

Are you frustrated when it comes to cleaning your windows? Do you wish you knew how to clean windows like the professionals?

Relax! Do It Yourself Window Cleaning is a free website that can provide you with every detail you need to master the art of cleaning your own windows.

My name is Ray Croskrey, and I’ve been cleaning windows professionally for over a decade. Believe me, cleaning windows isn’t rocket science – it is just a matter of acquiring the right tools, the right information, and learning the right techniques.

If you can clean the rest of your house, you can learn how to clean windows. You will learn the exact formula for how to produce spotless and streak free windows.

Here you will learn great do-it-yourself window cleaning tips like:

Basic Window Cleaning Tools

Homemade window cleaner that works

Cleaning with Vinegar

Window Cleaning Techniques

Ladders and Ladder Accessories

The Window Cleaning Tools

Believe it or not, the first and most important items you will need are the right tools – squeegee, scrubbing wand, scraper, and lint free towels.

The right tools alone can make or break a window cleaning job. Too often I see people using beat-up squeegees, grandma’s homemade window cleaning solution, newspapers, paper towels, Windex, vinegar, and so on.

Window cleaning should not be drudgery! In fact, with the right tools, it can be a relaxing and enjoyable activity!

The Technique

Remember, anything worthwhile takes patience and practice to learn. The technique takes some time to master, but once you acquire the necessary information and a little practice, walaa! you will have the cleanest windows in your neighborhood.

Additional Information

Cleaning Storm Windows

Cleaning Tinted Windows

Tempered Glass

Construction Window Cleaning

Cleaning Window Screens

Do It Yourself Window Cleaning is dedicated to providing you with the latest information on tools and techniques that you need to confidently clean windows on your own.

Site Map
Site Map - do it yourself window cleaning tips; professional window cleaning secrets!

Window Cleaning Tools
Window cleaning tools are the keys to getting spotless and streak free windows

window cleaning techniques
Window cleaning techniques that will give you spotless and streak free windows.

window cleaning tool belt
A window cleaning tool belt will not only save you time, but will keep your tools organized

Hard Water Deposits
do you have hard to remove hard water deposits on your windows? Water spots on your windows.

ladder accessories
Ladders and ladder accessories for cleaning windows safely

Cleaning Window Screens
Easy three step process for cleaning window screens.

Window Cleaning Troubleshooting
Window cleaning troubleshooting guide; how to clean windows

Cleaning Tinted Windows
How to clean tinted windows; extra care should be taken when cleaning tinted windows.

Scaffold tower hire
When you can't reach the top windows.

Cleaning Storm Windows
Removing and cleaning storm windows. Cleaning indoor storm windows, cleaning outdoor storm windows.

Window Screen Repair
window screen repair; how to repair a window screen

Window Cleaning Videos
Detailed step by step window cleaning videos, window cleaning instructions, window cleaning

Privacy Policy
privacy policy

Contact Page
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