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Starting a Window Cleaning Business

Starting a window cleaning business is a great way to earn a good living.

For starters, the amount of start up and day to day operating capitol you need is extremely low compared to the large amount of money you will make.

Every building you see has windows, most likely they are dirty windows that someone else does not want to clean and would love to hire a professional window cleaning service to do it for them. This means an endless supply of work awaits anyone who is interested in going out to get it.

Having your own business has even more benefits than just a means to make good money. For example:

  • You are your own boss
  • Freedom to work as many hours as you want
  • You’re not stuck in one location to work
  • You will meet great people
  • Become part of a national like minded organization
  • Every day is a new adventure
  • Personal satisfaction for a job well done

Here are 7 important tips to consider when starting a window cleaning business.

1- Basic window cleaning tools:

  • Tool Belt
  • 6 & 8 inch squeegee (with replacement rubbers)
  • Professional 6 inch window scraper (with replacement blades)
  • Extension Pole
  • Lint free window cleaning towels
  • Window cleaning solution
  • 3 foot step ladder
  • 6 foot step ladder
  • 18 foot extension ladder
  • 24 foot extension ladder

With these window cleaning tools you will be able to reach and do most of the windows on an average two story home or office building.

If you do not have experience with these tools especially using ladders, I would recommend doing further research on safety tips and guide lines. You want to be familiar and know how to use all your tools properly to avoid injury to yourself and others.

2 - Window Cleaning Skills

If you have prior window cleaning experience working for someone else, then you are already ahead of the game. If not, you can quickly teach yourself a few basic window cleaning techniques found on this site. Start with your family and friends. Clean their windows for free over and over until you feel comfortable with the tools and techniques. Generally if you do five or six different jobs inside and out, you should start to get a good idea on what to expect.

3 – New Window Cleaning Business Name and Entity

Come up with a unique business name that’s easy for customers to read and remember. If you are planning to have a listing in the yellow pages, try to have a name that starts with the letters A, B, C, this will help get a top of the page listing.

I would recommend going with what you can afford, yellow page ads can be a huge expense. For your legal status, check your local and state laws to find out how to register your name and what type of licenses you may need. Also, you may want to visit with a book keeper / accountant to set up the type of business entity and tax preparations you will need.

4 – Business Insurance

You absolutely need to have liability business insurance. Things happen and stuff gets broke, so you will want to be covered. Some commercial customers will require it in order to do business. Over all, it’s just bad business to not have the insurance. Visit with an insurance agency to find out what is the best plan for you.

5 – Personal Appearance

Make sure your appearance is always neat and clean. This also includes your tools and work vehicle. If a customer sees a sloppy looking person or work vehicle they may assume that you will do sloppy work.

6 – Attitude

What ever is happening in your personal life, keep it at home. Your customers do not want you to dump on them. Keep it professional and up beat while you’re on the job.

7 - Marketing / Advertising

In the years past 18 years of my professional window cleaning career I’ve experimented with just about every advertising method I could think of.

I must say that creating a “word of mouth” advertising campaign is by far the number one form of window cleaning marketing that you can invest in.

People that experience a great service or product love to share it with their friends, family and neighbors. For example: if someone gets a referral from someone that they know and trust, automatically they believe that they too will be satisfied with the same service or product. This means that 90% of the time this will become a for sure sale.

How do you create “word of mouth” advertising?

First you need a few satisfied customers that are willing to spread the word. The more customers the more word of mouth referrals you will get. Typically these first customers come from classic advertising campaigns such as:

  • Yellow page ads
  • Door to door flyers
  • Poster boards
  • Radio / TV advertising
  • Giving out business cards

    The down side to “traditional” marketing / advertising is that these methods are costly and time consuming. The up side is, as long as you can keep at it consistently, you will eventually build a list of loyal window cleaning customers that will spread the word for you. Typically this takes the average start up anywhere from three to five years to accomplish.

    Need Help?

    If you are looking for help and have questions about growing your window cleaning business just send me a message using the contact button below and I will do my best to give you personal guidance.

    Contact Me With Your Business Questions

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    "Starting A Window Cleaning Business"

    If you've already started or your thinking about starting a new window cleaning business, these series of pod casts will give you further information that will help you get that boost you may be looking for.

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