Window Cleaning Towels

Window cleaning towels are used to remove any water left behind by the squeegee. Towels that work the best are the micro fiber, terry cloth, or surgical towels. Some window cleaners even use good high quality leather chamois. All the towels listed below will work great. I have put them in order starting with the most popular.

Blue Surgical Towels

Surgical towels, also known as Huck towels are the number one choice of towels used by professional window cleaners. The reason these towels are more popular is mostly do to cost and effectiveness. They are made of 100% cotton. These towels will not hold has much water as the micro fiber, but the nice thing is that they dry very fast!

Micro Fiber Towels

Micro fiber is usually an 80/20 blend of polyester and polymideams. It is uniquely knitted together which allows the dirt or water to be lifted up and then held in the fibers. The filaments and nylon core creates a high absorbent rate which allows it to clean and polish at the same time. Another great aspect of micro fiber is that it can hold about 7 times its weight in water. It is also known for its ability to absorb oils as well. Micro fiber window cleaning towels can also be washed and used over and over for a long period of time.

Leather Chamois

Yes, the same old chamois that you use on your car will work great for windows. If you decide to use a leather chamois, find a good thick genuine high quality piece. Good quality chamois can get a bit expensive but it's worth the investment. Do not use the cheap imitation or super thin cuts. Poor quality shamois will leave tinny pieces on the glass and do not last long.

Terry Cloth

This cloth is usually made from 100% cotton and is knitted in a loop form which gives it the ability to absorb water very well. The Terry cloth will works good but is not the most popular.

Tip: When it comes to washing your towels, use less soap than normal and make sure you double rinse.

Window Cleaning Towels

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