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House Awnings

House awnings and outdoor window shades are a great way to keep the suns damaging ultraviolet rays from entering your house. Indoor furniture and flooring will become faded and brittle if exposed to the sun for long periods of time.

In addition, window shades will provide cover that will help prevent your windows from becoming damaged from the intense heat created from the sun. The heat causes the air or gas inside the window panes to expand. With this constant expansion and contraction the seals on the windows can wear out in few short years. Once this happens you will see water vapor condensing inside the panes of glass leaving a cloudy hazy look. In most cases you will end up with damaged windows that you will probably want to replace.

You can choose from many different styles colors and designs that will match the outside of your house. Outdoor window shades are a plus because they can be raised and lowered to the desired position that you want. Another benefit is that you can choose a window shade fabric that will block out or let in the amount of sun light that you want.

House Awnings

House awnings are a great way to go if you have little or no roof overhang. They will give your house a unique and original look while providing protection from the sun. House awnings come in all different shapes, colors, sizes. Most awning fabric is made from a vinyl or canvas material that will stand up to the weather for many years. If you ever need awning repair you should only have to remove the awing fabric not the frame. Then the awning repair can be made.

House awnings do need a little more care than outdoor shades. They will collect a lot more dirt and will need to be cleaned regularly. You can also prolong your house awning fabric by cleaning and applying a water proofing and anti static coating that will help prevent fading and dust from sticking. It will also allow rain water to bead off more effectively. (Make sure you use a product that is specific to the awning fabric)

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